POLL: Morning Person or Night Owl?

2 05 2010

A common get-to-know-you question is, Are you a morning person or a night owl? I always hesitate to answer fearing that morning person is the more admired answer and that night owl has a negative connotation.  A feeble, “Well, aren’t owls known for being wise. Maybe it’s wiser to be a night owl?” never quite wins too many votes.

Morning people are chipper, smile-at-the-world people.  They meet the dawn with a skip in their step and a whistle to serenade the new day. Who doesn’t want to be like that?

The whole world caters to morning people.  Work and school routines start when the sun is still asleep.  Just comparing the “Good Morning America” & the “Today Show” to “The Late Show” and “The Late Late Show” shows on which side the good chips fall.

Yes, I admit it!!! I’m not a morning person! Actually, I’d say that I’m not a typical morning person.  This is my chance to clear the air (mostly for those perky AM folks who don’t quite understand).


In my 20s, I chose to wake up at 5 AM with the work hours of 7:30-4:00.  I loved it!  After marriage, my life significantly changed. Being youth pastors for over a decade, our lives were full of evening services & late night youth events. I lived in a world that did not cater to a morning schedule.  So I simply bumped my morning time down a notch.

During all this time, I had 3 children so I trained them to sleep on the family’s schedule rather than putting them down for the night at 7:30.  If I hadn’t, they would have missed half of what we did as a family. My life would have been invaded with evening baby sitters and crack-of-dawn wake up calls from a baby after hitting the pillow in the AM hours.

In the middle of all that, little Levi, baby #3, was born.  He is truly NOT a morning person. As a baby, I’d lay him down about 10:30 for the night, and I wouldn’t hear a peep until 11:00 the next morning!  That’s almost noon!  And boy, that child can still sleep!

Levi's Morning Happiness at Noon

I’m saying all of this to say: Though not a morning person, a night owl can still love the morning. Whenever you talk to a morning person, you’ll often hear them say with great admiration, “Oh, I LOVE my mornings!”  Well, so do I.  And so does Levi.

Last week, I walked into Levi’s bedroom to wake up the sleeping giant only to find him wide awake, laying in bed. He LOVES to lay in bed after waking up, burrow under the covers and just think. After I greeted his big morning smile, I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.


So, for all the morning people know this: We night owls love our mornings, too — just a few hours after you.

I love to wake up to a fresh start. With the quietness of my house, I breathe slower and deeper, filling my spirit with God’s grace and strength for the new day. I wake to God’s voice calling me to spend time with Him.  Eagerly, I enter the ceremony of preparing my loose tea for the morning and start my day — loving every step, contemplation and routine of my morning — just a few hours after you.




3 responses

2 05 2010

I am a proud Night Owl! I thought that would change once I had Rowan…but Barry LOVES his mornings with his son! So, I get to sleep in a little bit before Barry heads off to work.

I agree with your very wise statement about loving the mornings…just a few hours later than most!

10 05 2010
Christina Dzindzio

My life did a flip-flop two years ago. After being an at-home Mom, I began working at a christian school that started at 8:00 am and the staff had devos at 7:30am and it was 30 min from my home. In order to be at devos on time I had to leave the house at 7:00 am with my 2 sons (the first year) so i was getting up at 5:30. This past school year my 6 year old daughter (used to getting the bus at 9:00 had to leave with us at 7) and so my get up time moved to 5:00 am so I could be awake enough to get them ready and pack lunches.

I think I’m a night person but getting up so early has made it difficult to do that…I have definitely gotten used to less sleep since my hubby is a night person.

I will say that as a sort of night person I, too, love my mornings. i l love being up before the kids and being still and quiet in my jammies and a cup of coffee with Jesus.

25 05 2010

I use to be a night person, but the older I get (I’m not telling my age) the more of a morning person I am becoming. I love my mornings sitting in my favorite chair with my first cup of coffee, reading my Bible and waiting for the Lord to speak. Definitely, my favorite time of the day. My children are grown and there are no “little ones” around, so I can take as long as I like. For you young moms that would like that kind of time, your season will come. In the meantime, enjoy the season that you are in. Every season is beautiful.

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